August 11, 2017
File Allison-McCracken
Khadijah Williams (left) runs with ball with Shanice Beckford (right) ahead of Kayla Cullen of New Zealand. The two Jamaican players were suspended by Allison-McCracken.

Jermaine Allison-McCracken, who recently resigned as head coach of Jamaica's Sunshine Girls has blasted the Jamaican players for their unprofessional behaviour towards sport.

Allison-McCracken, who spent just four months in the post, faced public criticism after suspending three senior players Shanice Beckford, Khadijah Williams, and Nicole Dixon ahead of Jamaica's three-Test series against Barbados earlier this year for what she described as "inappropriate behaviour."

The British-born Allison-McCracken told STAR Sports that the Sunshine Girls were very tardy and unprofessional in their approach to the game.


Hard work


"They need to have a professional approach where players turn up on time; do what the coach asked them; put in 70, 80 percent and then 110 percent when it is required and focus on being the athlete that they are," said Allison-McCracken.

"I find that these players know it all and they want to just play netball, they don't want to become the best athletes in the world and excel as athletes," she added.

Allison-McCracken added: "It is hard work to get to number one and it is that little bit extra. It is that extra session in the gym and it is that extra weight that makes the difference at the end of the day and in my opinion they don't understand that."

Allison-McCracken resigned on July 31 after Netball Jamaica failed to agree to terms she had requested in order to remain on the job.

One of those terms included the removal of assistant coach Sasher-Gaye Henry from her position. However, Netball Jamaica rejected the proposed terms.

Allison-McCracken noted if the Sunshine Girls don't change their approach and attitude towards the game, then they will remain fourth in the world rankings.

"I think for me, the structure is good as it is and they would probably stay in the same position, but that's not why I was employed, I was employed to see them through and get to get them to number one and if they are going to do that, then they need to have a more professional approach," she said.

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