I would come back - Allison-McCracken

August 18, 2017
Jermaine Allison-McCracken

Former Sunshine Girls head coach Jermaine Allison-McCracken has not ruled out a return to the national side.

Allison-McCracken, who was appointed in April, resigned on July 31 after Netball Jamaica failed to agree to terms she had requested in order to remain on the job.

However, the English-born Allison-McCracken told Star Sports that she would love another opportunity to coach the Sunshine Girls.

"I am willing to come back, but under different terms, things have to change because you can't put the same thing and expect different results," she told STAR Sports.

"I would love to be in charge of a programme that would take them to the World Championships, and to take them higher than third and fourth, and so I would like to coach successful teams," Allison-McCracken added.


Probationary period


The coach signed a one-year contract with Netball Jamaica in April with a six-month probationary period which should have ended this month. She said she has no regrets over the decision to resign.

"I reflected on what was happening and so it was untenable for me," said Allison-McCracken.

"I am not disappointed that I left because it was just a situation, and it is just as it is, and I had to go," she said.

Allison-McCracken added: "Professionally, I am a health promotion specialist advisor, and so I have a range of skills. Coaching netball was always a hobby, and so for me be allowed to do it professionally was great because I can consider myself a professional coach.

Allison-McCracken faced public criticism after suspending three senior players - Shanice Beckford, Khadijah Williams and Nicole Dixon - ahead of Jamaica's three-Test series against Barbados earlier this year for what she described as "inappropriate behaviour".

The series was drawn 1-1.

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