'Teacher' Hyde is here to win - Henry

August 18, 2017
Arnett Gardens goalscorer Fabian Reid controls the ball while coming under pressure from Humble Lion's Ricardo Campbell (left), in their Red Stripe Premier League second-leg semi-final at the Effortville Community Centre in Clarendon on May 21.
Mike Henry


New Humble Lion coach Lenworth Hyde is a professional who should be able to handle the pressure of winning the Red Stripe Premier League, according to the club's president, Mike Henry.

Humble Lion have finished in the top four for the last three seasons, and Henry is looking forward to the club winning the nation's top-flight league for the first time.

With that focus, Henry parted ways with Donovan Duckie last month and Hyde is now the man in charge of the club's technical team.

Hyde has led Tivoli Gardens, Portmore United and Harbour View to Premier League titles. He returned to the club he coached for a short stint in 2010.


Professional enough


"He (Hyde) must be professional enough to handle the situation, as he won at three different clubs. He was brought here to win the title," Henry told STAR Sports.

"We were a little late in our pre-season, but Hyde is settling fairly well. We have some players overseas on vacation and those players have rule books, so they know that they will have to be fit and ready to play," Henry disclosed.

"The club is also working on transfer of some quality players from other clubs to boost the squad," he further said.

Henry also said that improvement work on their Effortville Community Centre venue in Clarendon is already finished for the start of the new Red Stripe Premier League season.

"All the improvements on the venue finished - the lights are better, covered stands, repair dug outs and president's box fully covered," Henry told STAR Sports.

He said the only outstanding thing to be done is to fix the wall. "The wall will cost a couple millions to fix and we are working on that," the club's boss stated.

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