Time to upgrade Jamaican netball coaches - Campbell

August 19, 2017

Renowned Jamaican International umpire Sylvester Campbell believes Netball Jamaica should seek to get many more local coaches internationally certified as a means of improving the sport.

Campbell, who also coaches in the local leagues, told Star Sports that the local governing body must find ways to help coaches to become more qualified on the international stage.

"Netball Jamaica needs to upskill these coaches so that they can be better able to manage the job," said Campbell, who coaches Tivoli Gardens in the divisional leagues.

"They need to give them the tools to work with and expose them to some other international coaches to work with in other parts of the world," he said.

Campbell added: "It is incumbent on Netball Jamaica to help to bring the best out of these coaches. Just giving them a squad to coach is not enough. They need to understand what is happening on the world stage and how it is done at that level and how to coach on the big occasion."


International certification


Former senior Sunshine Girls coaches Connie Francis and Oberon Pitterson-Nattie are the only local coaches who have received international certification.

"I think if we can find four or six coaches that we can start with, then that would better for us instead of two, like we did with Connie and Oberon in previous years," said Campbell.

"There are two coaches that just came back from the Under-21 Championships, so there are other coaches that you can upskill as well. Don't limit the numbers," he said.

Janet Guy and Conrad Parkes were the two local coaches for the Jamaican's team that finished fifth at the world Under-21 Championships in Botswana in July.

Campbell believes international certification of the local coaches will help to develop the sport in the country.

"I think with more people, it will help to develop our netball because we will have more ideas to put in the boat and row the boat, but once we limit ourselves, we are in problems," he said.

"We always want more technical people, and so we have to always find a way to improve and upskill people to really help them to get better at their craft," Campbell stated.

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