Local fight fraternity predicts Mayweather v McGregor outcome

August 26, 2017
Floyd Mayweather Jr (left) and Conor McGregor pose for photographers during a news conference on Wednesday in Las Vegas. The two are scheduled to fight in a boxing match tonight in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)
From left - Matthew Colquhoun, Imran Hall, Daniel Chacko-Wilmot and Cleon Bardowell.
Sakima Mullings

One of the biggest boxing matches to take place in recent years will happen tonight as the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr, considered one of the greatest pound-for-pound fighters to step into the ring, goes up against the top man in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Conor McGregor, in an eight-round contest in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This is an unusual occasion as it is McGregor's first time competing in a professional boxing match. Opinions are divided, with bragging rights on the line regarding which is the superior sport at the moment, between boxing and MMA.

Local boxers and mixed martial artists gave STAR Sports their opinions on the outcome of this bout.

MMA fighters Cleon Bardowell and Imran Hall gave Mayweather the edge.

"Floyd Mayweather's gonna win if it goes to a decision but I want McGregor to knock him out," Bardowell laughed.

"I think Floyd's gonna win because he's more experienced than Conor in boxing," Hall said.

Contender boxing champion Sakima 'The Mauler' Mullings said that the bout is a mismatch in favour of Mayweather.

"It's a guy that has zero boxing experience fighting one of the greatest fighters of his generation," he said. "I don't know if the match will be quick but I know it will be very clear and convincing who's dominating the fight and who's the punching bag and who's not. Mayweather's not gonna hit McGregor with one punch but he's gonna hit him clean and often."

Seasoned local boxer Richard 'Frog' Holmes shared similar views.




"McGregor still, I don't know him as a great fighter but to me, him just a try get a hype. Him saying he's the one that's gonna defeat Mayweather but mi nuh see it. It impossible, although them say one punch change fight but mi nuh see it in McGregor, no day, no time."

Matthew Colquhoun, another local mixed martial artist, said that McGregor has an outside chance.

"I think Conor has a punching man's chance, a punching man's chance!" Colquhoun emphasised. "Anybody that is willing, that can move in a ring, has a punching man's chance. Floyd will not risk his 49-0 record coming out of retirement fi mek this guy that has never done boxing before beat him. Bredren, Floyd gonna run around the ring for the entire night but if Conor lands one of those rights, on Floyd's chin, him gonna sleep. That's why I say Conor has a punching man's chance."

Mixed Martial Arts Jamaica Sports Federation President Daniel Chacko-Wilmot said this bout is a risk to the sport of boxing.

"Generally, everybody says because it's a boxing event, Floyd will win," he said. "He's 49-0 and considered one of the best defensive boxers of all time. He's hard to hit, a lot of guys tried it before, but I can tell you Conor McGregor's an interesting character. It's a huge risk for boxing, if their one superstar who's supposed to be 49-0 loses to a guy who's boxing for the first time, they'll look bad."

Meanwhile, Jamaica Boxing Board of Control president Stephen 'Bomber' Jones gives McGregor no chance.

"Mayweather is going to use the first five rounds to school him and make him look stupid for all the nonsense that he's been talking about," he said. "Then, the three rounds after that, he's going to destroy him. So I say McGregor won't last eight rounds."

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