Former KSAFA boss the lesser of two evils - Beckford

September 02, 2017
Danny Beckford
Ambassador Stewart Stephenson (left) addressing a press conference during a breakfast round table meeting at the Terra Nova Hotel yesterday.


St Ann FA president Danny Beckford said former KSAFA boss Stewart Stephenson will get his vote for the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) presidency.

Neither presidential candidate, Stephenson nor Michael Ricketts got Beckford's support at the nominations, as the St Ann boss nominated himself, although afterwards Beckford declared that the candidate that came the closest to what his parish was looking for would get their vote.

Now, Beckford said Stephenson is the man.

"My board is faced with two evils, and they believe Stewart Stephenson is the lesser of the two evils," he reasoned.

The outspoken administrator said Ricketts also has very good ideas, but he believes that Stephenson would be better at implementing his plans.


Level of implementation


"I had a one on one with Mr Ricketts and he had some poignant points, but the big thing between both of them is not the grander plans they have, it's the level of implementation we think either can put in. With Stephenson, I have worked with him from 1996 so I know him. People might say he is arrogant, but he knows what he is doing on a certain level," Beckford stated.

"My basic thing is that the parishes must get more of the football resources, which is not necessarily happening now, but it is not that we gave wholesale endorsement to a candidate. He (Stephenson) is nearer to our thing," he emphasised.

Beckford also rubbished the thinking that only KSAFA and KSAFA clubs would benefit from Stephenson's leadership.

"He (Stephenson) will not be a KSAFA president, he will be JFF president. Most things happen in Kingston. When a player from the country wants some recognition he goes to Kingston, so that won't be a concern for us, none at all," Beckford insisted.

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