Clarke wants to be like Sanchez

September 19, 2017

Charlie Smith is renowned for producing skillful and exciting football talents over the years, the likes of Cotterel King, Luton Blissett, Leroy Smith, Kevin 'Pele' Wilson, Everton Bunsie, Kwame Richardson, Vishunal Harris and Lamar Nelson, among others. Veteran coach Jerome Waite has unearthed another gem in Zidon Clarke.

He lit up the Tony Spaulding Complex with his electrifying pace and audacious ball-handling skills, scoring one goal and making another in Charlie Smith's 6-2 drubbing of Campion College in Group G.

The 18-year-old right winger revealed that his inspiration comes from Arsenal's Chilean forward, Alexis Sanchez.

"Yes, I always play ball this way. I'm not really an entertainer, but I watch a player in the English League that I try to play like, Alexis Sanchez. He is the one that motivates me to play this way," he told STAR Sports.

Clarke, who has been given the freedom to express himself by Waite, is responsible for creating opportunities for his fellow strikers and himself. He said sometimes the coach comes down on him when he is overdoing it, but he believes that he has what it takes to lead the former winners to the championship this year.

"My role is to go to the byline and make crosses for the centre-forwards and also create chances for myself. Sometimes, when I overdo things, the coach will tell me to come again and do the right thing. I am pleased with what I am doing so far and there is more to come," he said.

Clarke expects his and the team's good start to the season to get even better.

"I one hundred per cent expect to have a good Manning Cup, so you can look for good things. My general target for this season is 12 (goals) and I am working towards it. I have three so far and looking to continue getting more. I believe we are going to go all the way," said the attacker, who also plays for New Kingston FC.

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