Clarendon still has my support - Ricketts

September 22, 2017
Michael Ricketts

Michael Ricketts said he will be resigning his post as president of the Clarendon Football Association (FA) very soon but added that because of his deep roots in the parish, he will continue to help with its football development as well as administration.

Ricketts, who was elected president of the Jamaica Football Federation last Saturday, has been president of the Clarendon FA since 2003.

"I will still lend my support and still want to sit as a member of the Clarendon FA, but not as president; but I will be definitely relinquishing that position in short order," he said.

"I was born and bred in Clarendon, went to high school there and work in Clarendon and never lived outside of the parish, and so I do have an obligation to give as much support as I can to the parish," he added.


Resigning very soon


Ricketts told Star Sports that he will be handing in his letter of resignation to the general secretary of the association in the coming days.

"I will be resigning very soon. In fact, I have done my letter of resignation and it is just to hand it over to the general secretary of the association," said Ricketts.

"Even as president of the JFF, I still want to be a member of the Clarendon Football Association," he said.

He added: "Captain (Horace) Burrell was a vice-president of the Clarendon FA while he was president of the JFF, and so there is no conflict of interest at all in this."

Ricketts became president of the JFF last Saturday after he defeated Ambassador A.B. Stewart Stephenson 8-5 in the election, which was held at the JFF office.

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