Scoring not important as long as St Jago win

September 22, 2017
Kirk Samuda

St Jago's leading marksman, Kirk Samuda, may not have scored in his team's latest Group F game against Jose Marti, but the big striker told STAR Sports that it is not that important for him to score, as long as he can help his team win.

"My performance was great because I helped the team to win," he said of the last victory against Jose Marti.

"I am a very observant player and I don't have to score, as long I am part of the winning team. So I don't have to score for my team to win. As long as the team wins, I give God thanks for it," he told STAR Sports.

Samuda, netted twice against Holy Trinity in their 3-2 loss and another double in their 4-2 win over Clan Carty, and against their Spanish Town rival he had a couple good look in, but failed to capitalise. His only disappointment was not being able to put his team further ahead when they were just 1-0 up.




"I got a chance I should have put away, but such is life. I am a forward and I will miss goals, but I think I could have put my team up more. We should have scored at least four goals but I missed two, and that was the disappointment for me," he stated.

Big, powerful and quick, Samuda's aim is to score at least 20 goals this season and lead St Jago to their first Manning Cup title.

"If everyone is focused we can win Manning Cup because we have some nice players and everybody is focused to win, so we can do it," he said.

Samuda expects to resume his scoring duties when they turn out against Ascot today.

"I most definitely expect to be on the scoresheet, and you can look out for me scoring goals to help St Jago," he added.

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