Clean sheet UWI's opening game aim

September 23, 2017
UWI FC's Andre Bernal celebrating his goal against Tivoli Gardejs in their Red Stripe Premier League encounter at the Edward Seaga Complex last season. Looking on in the background is Barrington Pryce.

UWI's Amal Knight, last season's Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) Goalkeeper of the Season, believes this will be the toughest of the three seasons they have spent in the domestic top flight.

Knight says they are no longer the 'surprise package' and that teams will know what to expect and will not take them lightly this time around.

"This season will be our hardest because our first season was a feel out season and not many people knew us. Last season, we did well, so this year, it will be difficult because we are no surprise package again, so no one will play us and think we are a baby team.

"Everyone knows what threat we bring, so no one will be taking us lightly. So this season will be a challenge because everyone knows who we are, we just have to know everyone knows who we are and that they will be targeting us," he commented

Nevertheless, he expects to be title contender again, especially with the addition of new players.

"We will be title contenders, so come Sunday, hopefully we can start well. We have experienced players such as Fabian McCarthy and Ryan Miller. They have fitted in well, they adopted to our style of play very quickly, and the coach has gotten them involved tremendously well, so the new additions will boost the team very much," he insisted

"For me, it's to start with a clean sheet to boost my confidence. I always set the bar high for myself, and this season I will have to do the same because last year I did so well. I won the Goalkeeper of the Season, so I can't drop that standard; it must be that I go above it. So the aim is to perform well and get the support of my teammates and push forward," he added.

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