Former KTHS coach refutes principal miscommunication claim

October 02, 2017
Kingston Technical principal Ernest Donaldson


Kingston Technical's recently axed Manning Cup coach, Karumie Huie, has refuted claims by principal, Ernest Donaldson, that he had communication issues with his staff and players.

Huie has, however, admitted that some staff members had issues working with him but insists he just wants 'closure' to the matter.

"I had two assistants and from day one they never accepted me, so I was always up against it. I never had an issue communicating. It was those who weren't communicating back. When there is meeting or anything, I always make myself available but they wanted to dictate what I did and how I do it, and I didn't accept those things," said Huie, adding that the principal had a right to let him go if he didn't agree with what he was doing as a coach.


Increasingly difficult


Donaldson told STAR Sports that Huie was finding it increasingly difficult to work with staff and players and that they reached a point where they had to sever ties.

"The entire body found it difficult to work with him, including his coaching staff, in terms of his communication with them and the youngsters. We had several meetings but he held a position and decided to go that route, so when we realised we would have this kind of conflict and disruptiveness, we decided it was best to look outside," Donaldson explained.

Huie also believes that he has not been given credit for building a team from nothing to being competitive.

"They had no intention of entering the team. I had to give them justification. Most of who they wanted to play didn't have any grades and they were worrying about the team getting embarrassed. This was not about money. Kingston Technical is my school. It's about giving back but how they went about it, I find it disrespectful," he said.

Huie said he now just wants closure and that he has no intention of returning.

"I am only interested in my dismissal letter and the money they owe me," he concluded.


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