UWI's confidence high

October 11, 2017
Boys' Town's Xavian Virgo (left) tussles with University of the West Indies' Oshane Jenkins during their Premier league match at UWI Bowl last Sunday. UWI won 2-1.

ASSISTANT coach Andrew Peart is touting the University of the West Indies to win the Premier League, having made the necessary improvements this season.

"We have a better mentality than previous years," Peart told STAR Sports. "That is just keeping up with the trajectory of every year we improve."

UWI are locked atop the standings on seven points with Portmore, Arnett Gardens and Reno. Portmore lead on goal difference ahead of UWI.

"Winning games consistently is going to be a test of the mentality of the team. We hope to continue winning games, keep them grounded, and keep them fighting hard every game," Peart pointed out.

The Pelicans added four players to their roster this season, who have made seamless transitions and have even lifted the overall quality of the team. With Keammar Daley and Duwayne Smith set to return soon, the Marcel Gayle-coached UWI will have an embarrassment of talent to choose from.

However, Peart insisted that they will have to be mentally strong, pointing out that adding more talent and quality to the squad does not ensure success, as he explained that mental and physical fortitude is also very essential.

"One thing we always strive for is if we are going to bring in one player, it must be a player to make the team better. Fabian McCarthy, Ryan Miller, Oshane Jenkins and Stephen Barnett have arrived and shown their quality and fighting

spirit. Their attitude towards training, playing and fostering a cohesive team unit have shown that.

"Having better players around will help you improve, and their presence has improved the quality of the other players. That is one of the plus for us," Peart pointed out.

"It will be a competitive squad when all the players are available. That is what we are waiting on, but we have played with what we have. With them (Daley and Smith), it will be more quality than before, but having the talent and quality don't guarantee you success. We have to display all the correct attributes that are needed to win any championship," he said.

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