Price is right - Mitchell

October 12, 2017
Leon Mitchell

New Boys' Town president, Leon Mitchell, said relieving coach Andrew Price of administrative duties, allowing him to focus on football, will be key to reviving the team's fortunes in the Premier League this season.

Mitchell said, Price, a former player, has worked assiduously in various aspects of the club to keep Boys' Town in the league. However, this season, Mitchell wants to take some of the extra responsibilities off Price.

"Andrew has done well over the years to the best of his ability. We want to give him the icing on the cake so he can finish the job. We are going to take some pressure off Andrew and let him concentrate more on the coaching, and for the administration team to back him on whatever he needs. We need to back him in that way so the players can see they are in it to win something," he said.




Boys' Town are aiming for a top-six play-off spot this season, but Mitchell does not think that can be achieved unless they make necessary improvements.

"Top six is what we are looking at. We had a meeting since to discuss all the elements management and admin would take over and give Andrew the things he needs for the football. He needs good surface, good structure and we need his players looked after, so we need to help him more.

"We are putting some infrastructure together and it has been very good, but when you are building it can take time, so we need a little more work on the training ground. It's going to be an interesting season," Mitchell said.

Meanwhile, Price said he was encouraged by Mitchell's presence at the club and is confident they will achieve their target this season under his watch.

"Things have gone well and we continue to work and aim for the best. We have seen his impact and his management. He has assisted us on and off the field, so we will just continue to work hard as a team until we get it right," he said.

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