Lloyd: I had to score

October 31, 2017
Renae Lloyd

After going against his captain, Oneil Thompson's, orders and taking a free kick late in Arnett Garden's game against UWI at UWI Bowl on Sunday, Renae Lloyd said he had to score.

Arnett Gardens were already leading 2-1 with only added time remaining when they earned a free kick on the top of the box. Thompson then tried briefly to convince the veteran midfielder to hand over the kick to one of the young players, but Lloyd insisted on taking the kick himself and he produced a delicate and precise kick from 22 yards that gave Nicholas King no chance in goal. Arnett went on to win the game 4-1.

"When we won the free kick the captain, Oneil Thompson, said that I should allow Oneil (Anderson) to kick it. But I saw that we didn't need any power from there ... and after moving the youngster away from the free kick I had to put it away and I did that," he told STAR Sports.

Lloyd has struggled with a hamstring injury towards the end of last season. It kept him out at the start of this season. However, he has played the last two games and was impressive in Sunday's game against UWI. Also nursing injury is mercurial play-maker player and midfield partner, Vishunal Harris, but Lloyd believes the new players have done a great job so far this season

"I am not in any rush to get back. The youngsters are really playing well ... a lot of of new players come into the team and they are really giving a good showing," he said.

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