Hamilton stands by Waterhouse

November 09, 2017

CURTIS Hamilton said he will continue as Waterhouse's Premier League assistant under returning head coach, Donovan Duckie.

Hamilton was interim coach for two games in the absence of a head coach after Glendon 'Admiral' Bailey resigned on October 30, following Waterhouse's 0-2 loss to Cavalier a day earlier.

In his first game in charge, Hamilton guided Waterhouse to their first win of the season against last-place Sandals South Coast last Thursday at Frome in Westmoreland. However, three days later the club suffered a third home loss, going down 1-2 to Tivoli Gardens.

"I am fully aware that Donovan Duckie is the coach and I am willing to continue play the role as assistant coach. I was not only assistant to Admiral Bailey, I also worked as assistant to Marvin Tate (who Bailey had replaced)," Hamilton told STAR Sports.

"For me, I am not just a coach at Waterhouse, I am a past player. I love the club. Waterhouse is my club. The club kept me on board when Admiral resigned, so I will still be an assistant coach. My role is to develop young players. It is not a case that Donovan Duckie is here and I am not. I will remain a part of the club," he added.




Meanwhile, Donovan White, president of Waterhouse, in a release, stated: "We have invested heavily in an extended preparation period for the 2017-18 season. The lack of positive results, thus far, has been a bitter pill to swallow for our club, investors and supporters, and so when coach Bailey offered his resignation, we accepted and parted amicably."

"Our team is a very balanced mix of youth and seniority with a tremendous opportunity to grow into a championship unit. The addition of coach Duckie, a proven football tactician, will add tactical structure, consistency and stability to our system of play," White said.

Waterhouse are 10th on seven points in the 12-team league with one win, four draws and three losses from eight games.

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