We will make impact at CAC Games - Nicholson

November 13, 2017
Gabriella Xavier of Guyana (left) tries to move away from Demi Nicholson of Jamaica during the final of the Women's CAC Games Qualifying tournament at the JN Hockey Field yesterday.Guyana won 1-0.

Vice-captain of Jamaica's women's hockey team, Demi Nicholson, believes that with proper support and assistance the team can make a big impression at the Central America and Caribbean (CAC) Games in Colombia next year, despite losing the qualification final 1-0 to Guyana at the JN Hockey Field yesterday.

Meanwhile, Jamaica captured the men's title, after bad light ended their decider against Guyana 19 minutes into the match, with the scored tied at 0-0. The game was awarded to Jamaica by virtue of them topping the preliminary stages.

Nicholson, in the meantime, believes the team showed that they have the potential to do great things in Colombia, but she insists this is only possible with support and sponsorship.

"It's very disappointing when you come out to win and you lose the match. But we still came out victorious because we are going to the CAC Games and we are going to put in the work and go for the gold then," she said.




"We have preparation in place so we just have to go out and do what we have to do and try and win the CAC Games.. It took a lot of sacrifice (preparing for the qualifiers) because we are a minor sport in Jamaica and we don't get a lot of support, and we only have a small group of people (players) to choose from.

"But we have a lot of experienced players and they carry the team well. But we haven't won (anything) in a long time and although we didn't achieve our goal as champions, we are looking to make a comeback (at CAC Games)," she warned.

However, there are a number of things she believes they need to improve on to be a real contender in Colombia..

"We do intend to have a four nation (practice series), and we will be playing Cuba and Puerto Rico again. But we can't do it without the help of our supporters and sponsors," she said

"We are also pretty small compared to other teams, so we need to put in some gym work and we have to work on our scoring and our penalty corners," she pointed out.

"But we are very strong defensively and we are very fast. But it's no use just being very fast if you don't have the skills, and you need power as well. So we just need to work on our fitness and get a little stronger," she added.

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