Testimonial? - No way, says Seaga

November 15, 2017
Tivoli Gardens Chairman Edward Seaga presents Edsel 'Robbie' Scott with a long-service plaque.

Tivoli Gardens Chairman Edward Seaga has ruled out the practicality of testimonial matches for veteran goalkeeper Edsel 'Robbie' Scott and Kasai Hinds, a suggestion made by Scott after the club presented both players with long-service plaques on Sunday.

Scott and Hinds were honoured by Tivoli for each serving 20 years at Railway. The presentation was made on Sunday during the half-time break against Humble Lion.

Scott, who started at Tivoli in 1997, after leaving Galaxy, is a bit disappointed that the club did not do more for him and Hinds.

"We appreciate what the club have done. They gave us plaques. If they go by the right way, we should get testimonial games," said Scott, who parted ways with Tivoli at the conclusion of the last season.

"I cried Sunday. I gave all for the club in 20 years. I love the club and, during my time, won four national titles, as well as other silverware. I appreciate the recognition but they could have done more," the 40-year-old former St George's College schoolboy star and national youth representative pointed out.




A testimonial match is a practice in some sports, particularly football, especially in the United Kingdom and South America, where a club has a match to honour a player for service to the club. These matches are always non-competitive and gate proceeds go to the player.

Seaga agreed that while more could have been done, in terms of a testimonial, the club is active in the league and could not spare the time.

"I came here and found them playing. They did their service to the club, Scott as an outstanding goalkeeper and Kasai Hinds as a great defender," Seaga said.

"We did not think about that (testimonial match) because the season had started and it would be tight. He (Scott) is right; that could have been done, but not at this time. We would not do it in the future, either, because people would have forgotten," the club chairman explained.

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