'Good call ref' - Prendy calls for sanctions after JC's controversial Super Cup reaction

November 20, 2017
JC's Tyreek Magee

Former FIFA referee Peter Prendergast underlined that referee Leon Brown's decision to rule out Jamaica College's (JC) Tyreke Magee's added time free-kick goal against arch-rivals, Kingston College, in the ISSA/FLOW Super Cup semi-final was the correct call. 

Prendergast is also calling for sanctions for players and team officials, who bring the game into disrepute by vehemently protesting calls by officials.

The controversial incident took place five minutes into added time when JC was awarded a free kick just outside the box with Kingston College leading 2-1. Despite the match official having his left hand raised before Magee's kick, indicating that an indirect free kick was awarded, the diminutive player went ahead and struck the ball straight into the goal, for what he thought was the equalising strike. 

But Brown ruled out Magee's effort much to the chagrin of the JC faithfuls, who chastised the referee for making a bad call.

But Prendergast, Jamaica's most celebrated international referee, said Brown went about his duties in the right manner and argued that some players and coaches don't know the rules of the game.

"First of all the decision for an indirect free kick was the correct decision. A high boot is classified in the laws of the game, when there is no contact, as playing in a dangerous manner. So there was no contact, so it would be an indirect kick," he explained.


"The first action of the referee after blowing the whistle was to point in the direction of the kick. Then his hand went up immediately after. He put his left hand in the air to indicate it was an indirect kick. He then set the wall a good 9.15 metres, and returned to a good starting position and held his hand in the air to indicate it was an indirect free kick. And an indirect free kick can't score unless it is touch by another player, and the ball was kicked straight into the goal," he said.

Some football enthusiasts said the referee did not communicate that it was an indirect kick, but Prendergast said they must know the laws of the game..

"He did communicate it (was indirect), he rose his hand, that is the communication. When you raise a yellow card, you don't have to tell the player what it is, so the coaches must know this, because you cannot be playing a game and you don't know the rules, conveniently," he said.

"So the referee should have restarted the game with a goal kick, so it would have been clear to the general public that it was not a goal, that it was a goal kick.

"The spectators saw the ball in the back of the net, but they don't know the technicalities. Therefore they could have prevented the pandemonium that took place," he continued.

However, he believes the behaviour of some Jamaica College players and coaching staff was 'unacceptable' and called for sanctions to be placed on team and players who disrupt the game.

"It was unacceptable (JC's reaction). The problem I have often times when things go awry, is the teams and player responsible is not sanctioned for bringing the game into disrepute.

"The action on the (JC) bench was totally uncalled for and misleading, because the referee did not err. They (teams) have to take responsibility for stuff like this but it is not for me to decide. But when any part of the football falls out of line and threaten to bring the game into disrepute it must be attended to."

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