Boys' Town fans want Price out

November 28, 2017
Andrew Price

Boys' Town's long-serving head coach Andrew Price has dismissed fans' calls for him to quit, saying he has no intention of stepping aside despite the team's poor run in the Premier League.

Boys' Town are last in the 12-team league on seven points from 12 games, with one win, four draws.

Stunned by a 0-1 defeat to newcomers Sandals South Coast at Frome on Sunday, Boys' Town supporters have said Price's time is up, and he should resign as coach but stay on as technical director.

Popular Boys' Town supporter Colin 'Cartoon' Barnes said that it is full time that Price departs and give another person a chance to coach the famed Red Brigade.

"He has been there for about 15 years and not getting the desired results, especially in the last three seasons. It is full time. He should give another man a chance," lamented Barnes, who said he has been supporting the club since 1978.

"I want him (Price) to be technical director, but not coach. It is nothing personal against Price. We have won silverware since he took over, but the big one has eluded us," he pointed out.

"The players lack motivation. However, we don't have money and the players know, so if a player want to leave, the player should do so," Barnes added.




Another supporter, Marlene Campbell, agreed that Price should give another coach the chance to guide the team.

'I think Mr Price should remain at the club, but not as the coach. The problem must be the coach. We have good players," said Campbell, an admitted Boys' Town supporter for more than 20 years.

"The players who are not committed should just leave. The players should take some of the blame for the situation the club is in but, over the world, when teams are not getting the results, the coach is responsible," Campbell pointed out.

However, Price said he would stay at the club and continue to fight for the team.

"Everybody has their opinion. We are going through a bad patch, but we are going to continue fighting. I am not stepping down as coach. I have never started a season and leave. The club has limited resource, but we won't be relegated," Price said.

Price first served the club as a player in 1987 before taking over as coach in 2001. Boys' Town have won the national title three times, the last in the 1988-89 season.

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