Duckie ready to bite bullet for title

December 05, 2017
Donovan Duckie

DONOVAN Duckie said he is ready to disprove critics who argue that he is yet to win a national title, and is hoping to achieve those ambitions in his second coming at Waterhouse.

Admitting that it hurts to see other coaches reaping rewards with teams for which he had laid foundations, some winning titles soon after his departure, Duckie said he is much wiser and mature to overcome issues that prompted his departure from teams.

Duckie has pulled Waterhouse from the relegation zone to seventh place, their highest position in two years - two wins and a draw in their last three games.

"The community told me get rid of all the players. They said they were relegation players and would never win a game here (home) because they are cowards. I told them I was going to prove them wrong.

"When we won against UWI, they said we couldn't win back-to-back games. After Sunday, expectation has gone through the roof. I am expecting the stadium to be full to capacity against Tivoli.

"I was only brought in to save relegation. We want to be competitive in mid-table. If we are comfortable in mid-table, we will try to play for a top six. If I get a top-six spot, I would be very proud of the progress we have made," Duckie said.




The former Portmore United coach has done impressive work with Waterhouse, Montego Bay and Humble Lion, all went on to have unprecedented success after his departure.

Accused of being undiplomatic, Duckie said his no-nonsense personality would not allow him to take anything from his bosses, but he is now looking to make the adjustment for the greater good..

"Most problems that caused me to walk away were recurrences, so I have to develop tolerance and maturity to deal with those things. I want to lift titles and continue to build my legacy," he stated.

"I have won many titles, just not on a national level," he said. "I have the record for winning the most Super League in the East Confed, but have thought about it (not winning a national title) and have decided to bite my lip and find ways, with my experience, to solve problems, instead of walking away.

"It hurts after you do so much work and lay a foundation, for someone else to come and win the title. It hurts but I have been growing. I am older, wiser and more mature and I have more experiences to bank on," Duckie told STAR Sports.

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