Fear no 'town' team - Rusea's Ambusely

December 06, 2017
Arnett Gardens player Leon Strickland (left) comes under pressure from Montego Bay United's Captain Dwayne Ambusley during a Premiere League game at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex in St Andrew.

Dwayne Ambusely, Montego Bay United captain and assistant coach at Rusea's High, said the fear rural teams have for their urban-area counterparts is evident and real.

The dominance of urban teams have made rural teams fearful. However. Ambusely, a midfielder who was never one to fear opponents, said he wants to help Rusea's develop his mentality ahead of their Olivier Shield clash against back-to-back Manning Cup winners Jamaica College on Saturday.

"Kingston people class us as countryman, but I cannot fault them because, in essence, they are winning the battle because they are winning the league. The countryman need to stand up and do something about it. We can only do something by being on the pitch, beating Kingston teams," he told STAR Sports.

"Even our fans here are giving Kingston teams the win before the game is even played. In the street, when I am walking, the fans are saying that they just want to go to JC and play.

"They are giving them the win before the match. That's the belief they have, generally, and we have to change that. If we win, they will be happy, but they would never put their money on us, yet they are our fans.

"There is a mental block with them, but I don't have that, even if the person (team) is better than me. I believe it is just me and them on the day. We want these boys to believe that," Ambusely added.

"Ask me about Arnett any day of the week and I tell you I am not going there to draw or to lose. I am going there to win, because I don't fear opponents," he stated. "My ambition is to see the west be the best again. Players from country don't have to play for a team in town. I would like Reno, MoBay, even a team from Trelawny and Hanover, in the national league semi-finals," he insisted.

Over the last decade, urban teams, clubs and schools have dominated national titles. No rural team has held the Olivier shield since Glenmuir shared with Bridgeport in 2006. Meanwhile, the Red Stripe Premier League title has only been to rural Jamaica twice in the last 13 years, MoBay United as winners in 2013-14 and 2015-16.

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