Forbes vies for Netball Ja post

December 07, 2017
Simone Forbes in her playing days in action against Australia at the National Indoor Sports Centre in 2011.

FORMER Sunshine Girls captain Simone Forbes has thrown her hat into the ring, busy campaigning for a director post two days before Netball Jamaica's annual general meeting.

Forbes, who retired from international competition in 2011, is among three candidates vying for two spots on Saturday.

Forbes told STAR Sports that she has been doing a lot groundwork and is optimistic she will be victorious.

"I have sent it (a poster) to persons that I know. I have posted it on Facebook and I have seen other persons that I know, who have posted it on Facebook," said Forbes.

"I have contacted as many members as I can, in terms of emails, with the poster that we have created because I am working with a team, so we have reached out that way," she said.

"I know persons have reached out to other persons. We are trying to get the word out and, hopefully, on Saturday, people will show up," she said.

Forbes pointed out that she does not know who the other candidates are.




"I am not sure who else have been nominated but I am confident in myself, in the sense that I know I can contribute to the further development of netball in Jamaica and I know what I am coming with," she said.

"I have over 20 years' experience as a national player and have been in the system for while. I have seen how the system works, how it works for players and how it works for club.

"I also know how it doesn't work for players and how it doesn't work for clubs, so I am privy to that and I want to see how best I can further assist," Forbes noted.

Only paid up members and affiliates of Netball Jamaica are allowed to vote in Saturday's AGM.

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