'I find it a little strange'

December 08, 2017
Jamaica College team manager Ian Forbes (left) and assistant coach Andrew Peart (centre) sit in the stands during the recent Manning Cup final against St Andrew Technical High School at the National Stadium.

Jamaica College's manager Ian Forbes is still fuming over a decision to ban him and assistant coach Andrew Peart from the bench at the Manning Cup final a week ago.

Both officials were handed a one-match ban and watched JC's Manning Cup triumph over St Andrew Technical High School from the grandstand at the National Stadium.

Now, Forbes and Peart will be allowed back on the bench for the season-ending Olivier Shield clash between JC and daCosta Cup champions Rusea's High tomorrow at the National Stadium, starting at 6 p.m.

The Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) has accepted the decision taken by the Inter-secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA), after officials from Jamaica College (JC) confronted match officials on November 18 at Sabina Park.

ISSA had asked that the JC officials issue an apology to match officials following their rant after Kingston College (KC) defeated them 2-1 in the semi-finals of the FLOW Super Cup.

Referee Leon Brown, in his match report, said two JC officials were verbally abusive towards the officiating crew after he disallowed a last-minute goal scored from an indirect free kick by JC's Tyreek Magee.

"We communicated an apology, then heard that we were suspended from the bench (for the Manning Cup final). I don't know if I am going to be on the bench, ask ISSA or JFF," Ian Forbes told STAR Sports yesterday.

"There was a hearing and a ruling for an apology, which was communicated to ISSA," Ian Forbes said. He added that he was surprised by the JFF's move to override ISSA's decision.

"I find it a little strange," JC's long-serving manager stated.




ISSA's competitions director George Forbes confirmed that Ian Forbes and Peart are both free to be on the bench for the Olivier Shield.

"The referee (Leon Brown) said that it was verbal abuse by JC's officials and they were suspended from the bench for one match. That was served, so they can be on the bench in the next game," George Forbes said.

The JFF, which had asked for a report on the ISSA's findings in the matter, says they are now satisfied with all the action taken.

"Yes, we are satisfied with it [the decision]," said JFF general secretary Dalton Wint.

"It's a little weak and we had that discussion with ISSA, but the evidence and information that they received, they made a judgement on it and we accepted it," Wint added.

However, Wint confirmed that it was the JFF which recommended that both persons serve a ban.

"The JFF felt that the decision (apology) was light and recommended to ISSA that the officials serve a one-match ban," Wint stated.

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