Arnett looking to strengthen

December 29, 2017
Arnett Gardens coach Jerome Waite

Despite flying high in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL), Arnett Gardens coach Jerome Waite says he plans to strengthen his team in the January transfer window.

Although he is looking to make reinforcements in all areas, the wily tactician claims no specific players has been identified as yet.

"The door is always open for every area. The offensive team is doing well in terms of scoring goals, but I still think they are a little off where our target is concerned. The midfield minds needs to improve, even though they are holding their own," Waite said.

"Out of the last five seasons, this is the least amount of goals the defensive unit has given up so far. So we have seen improvement but we still think we can help (solidify) that (defense) area even more," he commented.


Waite revealed that although players from other clubs are showing interest in joining the 'Junglists', these are players that he knows little about and he will need to have a closer look at before making a final decision on whether or not to pursue.

"No definitely not (identify any player as yet). You have players that have shown interest, but it will have to wait until I have seen them. When I get to see them I will decide if they will be a part of us, so during that period we will look at the players that turn up and see what they will have to offer," he said.

Waite also added that their ambitions to do well in the CFU Club Championships is also a part of the reason they are looking to strengthening squad.

"The fact that we are doing well (locally) and the team will be strengthening in the January window, so we expect we will be a good challenger for the (CFU) tournament," he added.

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