Fitzgerald backs Molynes to win Super League

January 09, 2018

Having won their first two matches in impressive style, coach Calvert Fitzgerald is confident Molynes United can go all the way in this year's Corporate Area Super League.

Promoted to the Super League from Major League for the first time in their history last season, Molynes recorded an impressive 3-1 win over demoted Premier League side Maverley/Hughenden in their opening match before thrashing Central Kingston 8-0 on Saturday.

Fitzgerald told STAR Sports his players have been growing in confidence and he is optimistic they can win the league.

"Our aim is to win the competition, just like every other club in the Super League, so we hope to be the champions at the end of it but it is going to take a lot of hard work. It is a very tough road ahead because this is the first time our club has been at this level and we know it is consistency that it is going to take from us win this league," he said.

"I am pretty pleased with how things have gone for us, so far, because to enter the league for the first time and to get a victory over Maverley/Hughenden, who just came down from the Premier League," Fitzgerald said, adding that despite his team being new to the league their performances have demonstrated that they will be a force to be reckon with this season.

"It is going to take a lot of hard work and consistency in order for us to win this league because we can't get carried away by these two victories. We have to stayed focused and disciplined at all times," Fitzgerald added.

Molynes United boosted their team with the acquisition of strikers Jermy Nelson from Rivoli United and Nicholas Nelson from Maverley/Hughenden. They have also acquired the services of midfielder Ross Burton from Harbour View and defender Kemar Seiveright from Harbour View.

Saturday's Super League results

Barbican 3 Brown's Town 2

Maverley/Hughenden 2 Santos 0

Real Mona 2 Rockfort 0

Rae Town 3 Maxfield Park 3

Mountain View 0 Pembroke Hall 0

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