Equal opportunity ...Daley Morris says all players have fair chance of national selection

January 13, 2018
File Daley-Morris
Jamaica captain Jhaniele Fowler-Reid (right).

President of Netball Jamaica, Dr Paula Daley-Morris, said all players will be given a fair chance of being selected for the upcoming Quad Series and Commonwealth Games regardless of where they are playing.

"We have nine players who are overseas playing in their clubs and we keep an eye on them whether they are in the local programme playing or not, we keep an eye on their performance," said Daley-Morris.

"They are judged based on their ability to play, so that is the criteria, which is your ability to play with regards to the other players that you are coming up against, and from there you earn a spot in the team," she said.

"All the 18 persons stand a chance but we just don't know who will be selected for the Quad Series and the Commonwealth Games," Daley-Morris said.

The Quad Series, which also includes hosts New Zealand, Malawi and Fiji, will be held from March 21 to 24, two weeks before the start of the Commonwealth Games, which will be held in Australia from April 4 to 15.

Daley-Morris added that the selection panel will be meeting in the coming weeks to select the players for both championships.

"All players, regardless of where they are playing, are our players and when we put together a team together to represent Jamaica, we want the best of the talent together. The fact that you have a contract and you are playing somewhere else and you are not playing in Jamaica does not eliminate you as a prospect," Daley Morris said.

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