What more? - Flemmings asks Reggae Boyz selectors

January 25, 2018
Junior Flemmings (left) is being watched keenly by Aruba defender Jefferson Vegas in a CONCACAF Under-20 Group A game in Montego Bay in 2015..

Former Jamaica youth captain Junior Flemmings said he is frustrated by his constant omission from the Reggae Boyz' squad. Flemmings said that since graduating from youth football, he has been constantly overlooked by selectors, noting that the few times he has been selected he had minimal opportunity to prove himself.

Flemmings, who only got playing time when selected for last summer's Caribbean Cup, is disappointed at not being called to the squad to face South Korea in Turkey on January 30, after scoring 10 goals and providing five assists to help his team to the championship final of the USL.

"My take is I can do so much and no more, which is to just continue to score, make assists and continue to strive for better and to reach the next level. It's in their hands. I can only do what I can on my end, which I'm doing, so I really don't know the reason. A lot of people have been asking," he told STAR Sports.

The lack of playing opportunity, even when selected, has also been a source of frustration for the 22-year-old, who admitted it grieves him to see players of lesser ability getting chances.

"At the Caribbean Cup, I really didn't get an opportunity to showcase my talent. I started the first game against French Guiana. We never trained together much. They put together a starting 11 and tried to make it work. I came off after 54 minutes.




"After the game, when I went to them, they said everything was fine, I didn't do anything wrong. A few weeks after, they were selecting the Gold Cup squad, my agent reached out to them and their excuse was my performance wasn't good enough to impress them.

"Fine, I had no problem with that. I went back again (to the USL) and did what I had to do, which was get goals. I accomplished the target I set for myself, and, after all that, I still can't get a call.

"I have seen players in the team that I am outperforming every day so, yes, it grieves me. There are guys in the USL being picked. If those guys can be picked, so can I, but it's their call and I respect their decision, because I am not begging to get in."

The former Jamaica College star said he has proven himself with national youth teams in the past, and though his chance at the senior level has not been forthcoming, encouragement from people like former Chelsea player and new Rowdies teammate, Joe Cole, keeps him positive

"I have played and reaped a lot of success at youth level so it shows that, coming up through the ranks, I have been good, so I don't know why at senior level it's like there is a blockage.

"For the past few days I have received numerous messages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a lot of media persons, wanting to interview me for the same reason, if I am surprised that I am not invited to the national team, because I am performing overseas and I am still not getting the look in.

"When a guy like Joe Cole can reach out to me and tell me I should continue doing what I am doing because I am going to go places, it's a plus and a motivation. I am not pleased. I would like to hear their take because it can't be about performance, because I have done my part," he said.

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