St Mary FA looking for field upgrade

February 19, 2018

President of the St Mary Football Association, James Pearson, is hoping the parish's main football venue, the Gray's Inn Sport Complex, will receive the upgrade it has been promised for some time.

This, after a commitment from Member of Parliament Morais Guy, and chairman of the Jamaica Producers Group (JP) Charley Johnson at the opening of the St Mary Major League at the said venue on Saturday.

He noted that for years the parish has grappled with poor venues and playing surfaces and that they are overdue for an up-to-standard facility

"For years we have been challenged with a proper facility and proper playing surfaces. We have been plagued with that and it's a serious issue and really a challenge. So the parish needs proper playing surface and a proper venue with seating capacity to host games," he told STAR Sports.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel as he revealed that the MP, Morais Guy, gave his commitment to do work at the Westmoreland Oval in Annotto Bay. For the parish's premier football venue (Gray's Inn), Guy promised to assist the FA in reactivating funds that were donated by three MPs in the past to the association to assist with the development of the complex.

"I believe it (Westmoreland Oval commitment) is a serious commitment," Pearson stated.

He recalled that some time ago, Dr Winston Green (now deceased), Dr Guy, and former MP Jolyan Silvera donated funds to the parish council to do work on the complex. But since then Dr Green passed away and the FA found it difficult to access Green's portion of the funds.




"We have written to the MP but they would have to instruct the parish council to fastrack and put that money to the Sports Development Foundation for them to assist us. However, yesterday (Saturday), Dr Morais Guy spoke to me and told me we must go ahead and reactivate that plan for the seating of the Gray's Inn complex. Charley Johnson, the chairman of the Jamaica Pproducers Group, has also given his commitment to assist with that facility," he continued.

Pearson insisted that Gray's Inn is the best and most ideal football venue in the parish and an upgrade of the facility would be a big boost to football.

"It is the best we have, the layout, the field, the building there, the parking, and it's right on the main road between St Mary, St Ann and Portland."

In Saturday's opening Major League game, Star Cosmos beat Enfield 2-1. The title sponsors are Jamaica Producers, along with Texaco and Newport.

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