Local football coaches endorse extra sub

March 10, 2018
@Normal:Mount Pleasant's coach Donovan Duckie.
A Manchester United substitution takes place between outgoing Anthony Martial (left) and Bastian Schweinsteiger during an English League Cup match between United and West Ham on Wednesday November 30, 2016.

Local coaches Donovan Duckie and Shavar Thomas, along with Harbour View administrator, Clyde Jureidini, endorse the recent move by the world governing body FIFA, to include a fourth substitute in extra time, starting with the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Thomas and Jureidini think it is definitely a plus for the game, while Waterhouse coach Donovan Duckie argued it is long overdue and there should be even more subs, as the game presently requires it.

"Football is a team sport, it's an 11 v 11 model. Look at how many great players are in the world, but it's 11 v 11, with only three substitutions. Look at the number of players on roster of clubs, schools and countries. So over 90 minutes plus extra-time, would it be fair for just three extra players to be introduced to the game? No," Duckie reasoned.

The controversial coach believes there should be at least seven subs. "In the regular game it should be five and in extra-time you can go to seven. You should have a goalkeeper change, two changes for defence, midfield, and forwards. So there should be more playing time and it would limit the movement of players," he said.

Portmore's coach Thomas, said this will make the game better overall. "Change is good and every year FIFA evaluates and tries to see how they can better the game. If teams get a fourth substitution, that would be good. So I would take into consideration a team's goalkeeper, if you made three changes already, you can secure one for the goalkeeper," he said.

Harbour View's general manager and football analyst, Clyde Jureidini, said it will benefit, the players, team and football all together.

"It's a good idea. It will help the game. It will help people who are physically extended and give the coaches an added player they can include. If you have played more than a couple games and the players have extended themselves in club season, it's a good addition and it will help the tactical, physical and presentation of the games," he said.

Football's lawmakers officially approved the use of a fourth substitute in extra time, starting with the World Cup in Russia. The decision was made last Saturday during their landmark video assistant referees meeting in Zurich.

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