'No pressure on Portmore to deliver RSPL crown'

March 24, 2018
Portmore United's captain Ewan Grandison

After reaching the last two Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) finals and winning the $1 million for topping the regular season (preliminary stage) by 15 points clear, many anticipate that Portmore United will be the team to beat for the title this year.

Portmore finished the preliminary rounds with 66 points, five wins clear of Arnett Gardens in second on 51 points, one more than Tivoli Gardens and Waterhouse. But although many tip the St Catherine club to take the RSPL top prize their third time in trying, captain Ewan Grandison says there is no pressure on them, from inside or out, to deliver the title this year..

"No, there is no pressure. When we actually reach the final we just have to cross that hurdle that we haven't passed in the last two years. But there is no added pressure. We are just focused on hard work right through, just like how we worked through (the preliminaries) for the million (dollars)," he said.

Grandison believes that with hard work they can achieve all their targets for the season, including winning the title, and he says they are not concerned with the one week rest they will get while the quarter-finals are in progress.




"Football hasn't changed, it's on the day that you present yourself, work hard and you will get the victory. So we are just preparing for the semi-finals and we were rotating players, so we will talk when we get to the final.

"I don't know about other teams but Portmore will not rest. We work hard every day. And we will play other games because we have the Happy Sutherland knockout competition during the week, so we won't be resting but it will be OK," he assured.

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