Topey and Woodbine revelling in RSPL exposure

March 31, 2018
@Normal:St Elizabeth's Clifton Woodbine (right) challenges Kingston College's Omar Thompson for a high ball during the ISSA/FLOW Super Cup final at Sabina Park last season.

Keeping Tivoli Gardens' striker force at bay will not be an easy task for Cavalier SC defenders against in the first-leg quarter-final of the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) tomorrow at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex. Two of the personnel who will be charged with keeping Colorado Murray, Andre Moulton, Jermaine 'Teddy' Johnson and Elton Thompson at bay will be schoolboys Jamoi Topey and Clifton Woodbine.

St Elizabeth Technical High School captain Woodbine was the standout defender in the ISSA/FLOW Dacosta Cup, while Topey, who represented Camperdown High School with distinction in the ISSA/FLOW Manning Cup, are both confident they can keep the red hot Tivoli attack quiet tomorrow

Topey has been playing the RSPL since December and his performances have earned him strong reviews and he is ready for the big occasion. "I am confident we can keep a clean sheet and win two nil. I am going to fight for the team and give my best. I have played against them before so there is no worry. We just have to keep focused and we will be victorious," he told STAR Sports.




Woodbine, meanwhile, was introduced to top-flight football only five matches ago, but believes he is settling in just fine. "It's a great feeling to come out of the Dacosta Cup and play the Premier League as a young player. It's the top league in Jamaica, so it's rough and tough. You have to be mentally strong and focused and give your best. I just have to keep getting used to the standard and pace of the game," he said.

But he has no doubt he can help his team to victory against Tivoli. "We are well confident of making it through the play-offs. We have to play as one and try to come out with the victory. Tivoli is not going to hand us anything, we have to go and take it, and as a young player this only motivates me more to do better in training and matches," he said.

Topey revealed he has long dreamed of playing in the top-flight and he is looking to make the most of the occasion. "It has been going well for me. I was always waiting for my turn to get a chance to play at the highest level, and now that we are in the play-offs I want to make the most of the opportunity," he stated.

Woodbine also expects the play-offs experience to continue to help him grow as a player. "Every match I try to build on what I have done before. For the playoffs, I want to build on what I have done so far," he commented.

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