Hanover Major League kicks off

April 03, 2018
Ian Hayles (second left), Member of Parliment for Western Hanover, officially kicks off the Hanover Major League before the match between Claremont United and Sandy Bay FC on Saturday at Collin Francis field. Captain of Claremont, Sewayne Stewart (left), captain of Sandy Bay Ricardo Collins (right) and Sheridan Samuels, Hanover Football Association president look on.


After financial issues delayed the start of the competition, the Hanover Major League kicked off on Saturday with the first match between Sandy Bay FC and Claremont United at the Collin Francis field in Lucea.

"Our league started late because the two main sponsors (Charley's JB Rum and Captain's Bakery) we had for last season have pulled out on us. We were out there negotiating and seeking sponsorship form different stakeholders," said Sheridan Samuels, president of the Hanover Football Association.

Samuels, who is also the mayor of Lucea, said despite the late start he is thankful as they are now safe where sponsorship is concerned.

"We were lucky to have approached Island Lux Beach Park out of Negril who showed interest. We put our budget to them in the tune of nearly $2.5 to 3 million and they agreed to assist us. We also approached the Member of Parliament who offered to assist with our division one competition," he added.

The league, that consists of 10 teams, will have two zones where teams will play each other once. The top teams from each zone will play each other in a midseason finale.

From there the competition will break for the parish knockout cup where six division one teams play with the major league teams. After the knockout cup, the major league competition will resume with the cross-zone round.


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