No Prison Oval advantage for Portmore - Speid

April 10, 2018

Cavalier's head coach, Rudolph Speid, said Portmore will have no home advantage when they play the St Catherine side in the second-leg of their Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) semi-final, at the Spanish Town Prison Oval this Sunday.

Speid, said apart from in western Jamaica, there is no real home advantage in local football and he believes he has just a good a chances as Portmore of winning the game after Sunday's 0-0 first leg draw.

"After Portmore went down to 10 men in the first-leg, you could see they pulled back their players. They were content to play behind the ball and play for a draw, with the thinking that when they go on their turf (Prison Oval) they will have an advantage. But I don't think anywhere in Jamaica is a home advantage, unless you travel to the west. I think it (game) will be even," he said.

Better opportunity

Although many football fans left the first-leg disappointed with the performance from both team, Speid insisted they cancelled out each other tactically, but believes that his team had the better opportunities to get a goal on the day.

"We had the edge throughout, we were just unfortunate that we didn't score one. Our game plan is to keep possession and once they give us the opportunity, we counter-attack, and that was what we were doing," he said. 

"But this game is 180 minutes, not 90 minutes, so it doesn't make sense at this stage you go for it all and risk leaving your defence open. In this play-offs, one goal can cost you, so our plan was to play evenly, four attackers and one behind, but we were not going to over-commit," he said.

Speid added that they tried to steal the win after Portmore went down a man but it just never went their way.

"People might think it was a dull game, but it was a cat-and-mouse game, everybody was trying to feel out each other and just trying to ensure that no one went out with a deficit. We did press and made the changes. We got a great opportunity after we did that, but we didn't get to score it and it's one of those things, but Portmore are a good team whether they have 11 or 10 players," he added.

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