Rodman set for June 29 court date

May 12, 2018
File Marloe Rodman raised his to the skies as he crossed the finish line ahead of Michel Smith (left) in the Jamaica Cycling Federation's 2016 Kingston Criterium on Ocean Boulevard Downtown.

National cyclist Marloe Rodman is scheduled for a June 29 committal hearing for his manslaughter case, after it was mentioned in the St Catherine Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday.

Rodman, the top local cyclist of this decade, is being charged with manslaughter after he lost control of the motorbike he was operating last December and collided with another motorcyclist, who passed away in hospital.

At the same time, it is alleged that the motorcycle Rodman was riding was unlicensed, had no registration, no certificate of fitness, no insurance and no registration plates affixed.

Donahue Martin, who represented Rodman at yesterday's mention, said they are due to collect the file and bundle before the June 29 hearing date.


According to Martin, the magistrate will decide whether the prosecution has enough evidence for the case to be committed for trial. However, he said it was a bit too premature to assess Rodman's chances of an acquittal.

"I won't comment about the preparation for the case because we haven't received the bundle as yet," he declared.

Meanwhile, Martin said Rodman, who was hospitalised with a number of serious injuries from the accident, has recovered well and was in attendance at court.

"He is walking and seems to be in good spirits. He has been attending court, since the second (mention) day. He only never attended the first day, because he was in the hospital awaiting surgery.

"But as far as the prosecution is concerned, it has indicated that it is ready for a committal hearing and that we are to collect the bundle, which we intend to do next week, before the next date.

"After we collect the bundle, and after the committal hearing, we should be able to provide more information in relation to the matter. If I was to speak, I would be speaking blindly without being able to peruse a case for him," he added.

Rodman is also being represented by Queen's Counsel Tom Tavares-Finson.

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