Hard done by? - Arnett goalkeeper Hyatt upset at goalkeeping award snub

May 15, 2018

Arnett Gardens goalkeeper Damian Hyatt said that he was the best goalkeeper in the just concluded Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Club Championships, and was more deserving of the Golden Glove award than Miguel Odalis, of champions, Atletico Pantoja, who defeated Arnett Gardens 6-5 on penalties in the final at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex on Sunday night.

Odalis, who was also the tournament's MVP, did not concede a goal in three group games leading up to the play-offs, but let in three against Portmore United in Friday's semi-final, which many thought gave Hyatt the edge, after he conceded only two goals in the tournament in the group stage against W-Connection.

During Sunday's presentation after the decider, the Pantoja custodian, Odalis, was named the best goalkeeper, much to the disappointment of Hyatt and Arnett coach Jerome Waite.

"He (Odalis) won the tournament, so maybe that's why they chose him. But my coach came to me and asked me how many goals I conceded and I told him two, and both goals were away from home, and that they were in the first round. In the second round (play-offs), I did not concede any goals, so I was looking forward to that award," Hyatt told STAR Sports.

The 32-year-old insisted that he was the best goalkeeper in the tournament and was disappointed not to be named the Top Goalkeeper.

"I thought I was the best goalkeeper overall in the tournament, so yes I feel a bit disappointed. When he conceded three goals against Portmore, I thought I could easily win this award, because I didn't concede any (in play-offs). We played them two times and drew. But it (Golden Glove award) never happened how I expected it to happen," he said.

Waite also spoke of his scepticism. "I have to question it as well. This is the final round and the Pantoja goalkeeper gave up more goals, and only two goals were scored on Hyatt, so I would have to question that," he stated.

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