Duckie denies Mount Pleasant

June 06, 2018

Despite a release from the Jamaica Football Federation which lists him as the head coach of the St Ann-based club, controversial coach Donovan Duckie insists he is not the head coach of Mount Pleasant Football Academy.

The outspoken coach, who led Waterhouse to the Premier League final last season, and who is expected to return to Drewsland again this season, pointed out that Paul 'Tegat' Davis is the head coach of Mount Pleasant and he must be the 'ghost head coach', because how could he be the team's head coach and not be on the bench during matches.

"That (release) is a mistake. I work with the youth academy," he said. "Even Marcel Gayle, David Price and Vanny Clarke. We all work with the Under-13 and the Under-15s, but (Paul) 'Tegat' (Davis) is the (head) coach," he said.

"I have assisted with the youth programme for over two years and that is known to everybody. But 'Tegat' is the head coach. They played (Dunbeholden in the Premier League play-offs) the other day and Duckie was not on the bench and I don't have any seat on their bench, so I must to be the ghost head coach. Because how can you have a head coach and he is not on your bench. When they played Dunbeholden, 'Tegat' was on the bench. So they (Mount Pleasant) need to call JFF and make them change that," he said.




Team manager Galloway confirmed that Duckie is not the head coach of the senior team and that the release by the JFF was an error.

"He (Duckie) has always been part of Mount Pleasant Academy. He is one of the coaches that help recruit the kids and we tend to use persons with expertise. We even had the national coach Theodore Whitmore give us two sessions. He's part of the academy for the youth programme and the release is just an error. We will get that sorted out, as I am going to make a call now and deal with it," he told Star Sports.

"Tegat is the head coach. He (Duckie) will offer advice here and there, but it's not him alone, we try to get knowledge at all times from the highest level possible, because football don't revolve around one person."

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