Movie Star Lounge says Spain

June 18, 2018
Brazilian fan Bibo celebrating after the many-time champions scored the opening goal against Switzerland yesterday.
Donovan, a strong suppoter of Spain, at Movie Star Lounge yesterday.
Brazilian fan Peaches of Movie Star Lounge.

According to fans at Movie Star Lounge on Omara Road, off Hagley Park Road, Spain are the most impressive team they have seen so far in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

After witnessing big guns and top title contenders Argentina, Germany, Brazil as well as the Spanish drop points in their opening World Cup matches, fans at Movie Star Lounge believe that Spain have been the most entertaining, classy, creative so far. Spain drew 3-3 with Portugal in their opening game and most believe the 2010 champions have what it takes to go very far.

Aubrey, the biggest Spanish supporter at the lounge, stated that apart from playing an entertaining match in their opening game, Spain looked the best of the big teams.

"First and foremost, me is a die-hearted Spain fan, and so far Spain a play the most entertaining ball. Them creative, them a score goals, and I think they have the best chance of winning the World Cup," he declared.

A number of Brazilian and German fans in the house during yesterday's Brazil vs Switzerland match also agreed with Aubrey's assertion, after their teams failed to live up to expectations in their opening group games.

David and Donovan, both Germany supporters, also gave Spain the top marks out of all the teams that have taken the pitch in Russia.




"Spain a play ball," was all David offered, while Donovan insisted that "they are entertaining, they have a very good chance to win," he said.

Peaches, the owner of Movie Star Lounge, was still sulking from Brazil's disappointing 1-1 draw with Switzerland and took a while before she came to the conclusion that Spain have been the best she has seen, even though she admitted to having a limited understanding of football.

"Spain have a good flow, they played a very entertaining match. But CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo) lived up to his name and delivered for his team," she said. She also backs Brazil and Neymar to overcome their early setback and come good eventually.

"I don't know what's going on with my team, but a Brazil for me. The tournament just start so them have time fi pick up. A warm my team a warm up, next match dem a go better," she said.." she insisted.

Argentina supporter Ossie also said: "Spain put up a good impression in their opening game, they were entertaining."

But despite the false start by the big teams, their supporters are confident the teams will rebound and get back on track.

"Mi know sey Germany a go bounce back," David stated. Argentina supporter Ossie insisted that: "Mi neva lose (first game) ... and mi know me a win the next match against Croatia.

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