Wadadah searching for home

June 26, 2018
Audley Johnson

Wadadah's manager, Audley Johnson, says establishing a solid administrative structure and a training base will top the club's agenda for next season.

Wadadah have struggled to reclaim top-flight status since being relegated in 2007 and their woeful display in the JFF Premier League play-offs continued with a 10-2 drubbing by Mount Pleasant on Sunday, leaving many to wonder if the club will continue to exist.

But Johnson insisted they are not giving up on the former champions and putting in a structure to administer the club's affairs and securing a home for training will be critical to steer them in the right direction.

"First we need a structure and development programme. You need a foundation and we have to go through a rebuilding process. We need a field and we need a home for ourselves. We cannot be training at UDC with six other teams and have to be waiting on matches to be completed before we can train. That is not good.

"We are working on something. We need an area where we can have a field and a building for ourselves. So we are looking at approaching the people at Wembley (stadium), to look at a long term lease or renting the facility. We need a structure to build something. The club cannot survive without a structure and we need people to come on board. We need an organisation, a board, so we can put a plan forward as to what we want to do," he said.

Funding is also a major issue but Johnson believes the club has the history to attract sponsors if they get their house in order.

"We are hoping over the next few seasons to sit with board members and get the structure back together and the most important thing is to establish a base. Most members are here and we are going to look at ourselves and what we need to do and have discussions and plans as to where we want to go," he added

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