'I would make Waterhouse great again' - Maxwell hopes for Drewsland return

July 09, 2018

Former Waterhouse coach Geoffrey Maxwell said he would be more than interested in returning to the club's head coaching job, which was left vacant by Donovan Duckie, who decided not to return to the Drewsland-based outfit for next season.

Duckie, who had a successful stint with the club last season after taking them to the final after coming in following a poor start, will take charge of newly promoted Red Stripe Premier League team, Mount Pleasant, for the upcoming season.

But Maxwell, who is not coaching currently, says he has a special attachment with the Waterhouse community and he is fully convinced that he is the man the club needs to re-establish its prominence in local football.

"I am very much interested. Waterhouse is something that I built. I would be interested. If they say come tomorrow, I would come tomorrow morning and start. Waterhouse is supposed to be a top-four team in this country, and I think they need somebody like me to straighten out the whole set-up," he told STAR Sports.




"They have a good crop of players and I have no doubt in my mind (the players would play for me) because I have a track record. I have a special attachment to Waterhouse and sometimes I feel the players play much better when they know I am involved.

"They know I don't play around, they follow (my) instructions and they play with their hearts, because they know if they do not perform, I will take them off the field," he said.

Maxwell, a former national coach, is one of the island's most travelled coach.

After his first love affair with Waterhouse ended, he went on to coach Premier League clubs such as Arnett Gardens, Tivoli Gardens, Village United, Seba (now Montego Bay United), Humble Lion.

He also did a second stint at Waterhouse, which ended unsatisfactorily for both parties, but he believes he has the know-how, the respect, and track record to get the best out of the players, community and the club at this time.

"They know me. (Current) players call me, some I don't know, and say this is the situation and what I think. So when you are part of building something, people don't forget easily. Plus, I know how the community operates and if they don't support you, you could be as good as gold (you won't do well). So it is going to need somebody like me," he said.

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