Boys Town no walk in the park - Speid

August 04, 2018

After their exploits at the Gothia Cup in Sweden recently, Cavalier's Technical Director, Rudolph Speid, said fans should not expect a walk-over when they face Boys' Town in the Alliance/Money Gram KSAFA Under-17 final at Excelsior High School this afternoon at 4.

Speid said Boys' Town must have quality to reach the final, and that it would be 'foolish' to think Boys' Town will be easy picking, while noting that the exact set of players that participated in Sweden will play today's final.

"I don't believe it is going to be a walk in the park. The team (Boys' Town) reached the final like us, so they must have quality. Only a foolish man would believe a team that reach the final after going through so many formidable opponents is going to be easy.

"This is not the same team that went to the Gothia Cup. Eight players that played in the Gothia Cup will not participate in this competition. So it's really half of the Gothia Cup team, the younger ones will participate in this particular tournament," he said.

But despite going through a rebuilding phase this year, Speid thinks they have the quality to win their second straight under-17 title.


"Boys' Town have shown they can score a lot of goals, so we are not taking them lightly. We will have to work for the trophy, so we are coming to work," he said.

Cavalier will look to players such as Jamaica College's young sensation Shaneil Thomas and his Kingston College counter-part, Dwayne Atkinson, as well as Giovanni Thomas, Khalfani Brown, Daniel Russell, and Jevaughn Cole.

Boys Town coach Leon Hardware, who lost to Cavalier in the quarter-final last season, and another final a few seasons before, is hoping it will be three times the charm against this opponent.

"I don't know the Cavalier players, and I haven't really gotten the chance to see their team, apart from in the semi-final, and they look to have a steady, balanced team," he told STAR Sports.

"I feel good about my chances, because this team (Cavalier) beat me in the quarter-final last year and the last time I went to a final with them, they beat me 1-0. So I hope the third one is a charm, and we know we can be victorious," he added.

Boys' Town's hopes will rest on top scorers Omar Reid (6 goals) and Donald Walters (3), with Jaheem Rose, Steven Reid, Kevin Johnson, Donald Walters, and Christopher Matthews.

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