Nugent to be coached by Graham

August 14, 2018

Olympic 400m hurdles finalist Leah Nugent will be coached by noted Jamaican hurdles coach Lennox Graham ahead of the new season.

Nugent, who up to recently was being conditioned by Edrick Floreal in Kentucky, says her experience with Graham when both were on national duty at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro was a major factor behind her decision.

The 25-year-old, who has brought an early end to her 2018 season, says she is looking forward to working with Graham and is confident that he will help her to achieve her ambitions of medalling at the next major championships, after having to coach herself over the past few weeks.

"We (Graham) connected well in 2016 at the Rio Olympics. I like his coaching style, and I believe I will be able to reach the goals that I have set with him," said Nugent, who underlined the importance of this change considering the upcoming cycle of global athletics events.

"It's very important seeing as there are two very big championships back to back and I plan to medal at both."

Nugent, who said she had to deal with several injuries, also decided to call an early end to her season.

"I only did one Diamond League race this year and I was still dealing with injuries and it didn't go well. So I didn't have enough points for the final. I'm also in the process of switching coaches so it's best I end early anyways," she explained.

Graham is also the coach of 2015 World Championships gold medal winning sprint hurdler Danielle Williams and has served on several Jamaican teams at major international championships.

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