Gayle wary of Waterhouse demanding fans

September 19, 2018

Marcel 'Fuzzy' Gayle said although he's under no great pressure from Waterhouse's reputedly demanding fans, he knows only success can satisfy them.

Gayle, a former assistant coach, player and community resident, has not faced the intense pressure previous coaches, such as Calvert Fitzgerald, Glendon 'Admiral' Bailey and even Donovan Duckie, who brought them to last season's final, had encountered.


But Gayle who has been closely attached to the club since youth football, knows too well that only victory and success can appease Waterhouse's trophy thirsty fans and this, he says, drives him to do his best for the club.

"I don't think it (pressure) is that much. But my community is a community that believes in success, they believe in winners, so when you are not doing good they will make no apology in telling you that you are not doing good. But when you are doing good, you are the best coach, in the world," he reasoned

"Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger are probably the only coaches that never got fired. Pressure is always going to be there. But most of the pressure on me comes from myself. I am always hard on myself as a hard taskmaster.

"I always want the best for myself, so sometimes that pressure push me, and when the fans want Waterhouse to win that makes me rather than break me, so I have to do my homework to make sure things are in place," he continued.

The Drewsland-based club defeated newcomers Dunbeholden 1-0 to win their opening RSPL game for the first time in four seasons, and he was pleased to get the team off the mark on the opening day.

"It's always good to get the first win, it can set up your season going forward. But, at the end of the day, it's what you do at the back end of the season but it's a motivation going forward," he said

"For the last four years, we haven't won our first game, so this is a big history winning the first game of the season and the community is quite happy about it. The performance was not the greatest. It was a workmanlike performance. But we showed a lot of grit and guts and we prevailed, but we are humbly satisfied with the result," he added.

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