McIntosh calls for better football fields

November 26, 2018

Senior Concacaf official and experienced Jamaican football administrator Howard McIntosh said the lack of proper playing surfaces is severely affecting the development of the country's football.

McIntosh, a former chairman of the Jamaica Football Federation's technical committee, told STAR Sports, in an interview yesterday, that football fields across the country are in need of urgent assistance.

"The major issue affecting football in Jamaica is the lack of infrastructure and the need for better playing surfaces," said McIntosh. "I think when you see the RSPL (Red Stripe Premier League) games on better surfaces, then you will see better games and the same goes for schoolboy football as well."

McIntosh also argued that once the island's playing surfaces are improved and the general infrastructure sees significant development, a lot more fans will be attracted to the game.

"Football needs a lot of resources to be successful and there have been a call for many years now that we need a Centre for Excellence, like Catherine Hall in Montego Bay," McIntosh said. "I think if we have three or four stadiums like Catherine Hall, then it will definitely improve the country's football and also the RSPL too."

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