Lawes donates football gear to primary school

October 30, 2019

On Monday, Waterhouse defender Shawn Lawes donated a set of football tops to his former school, Dupont Primary, situated in Olympic Gardens.

This is the latest altruistic venture for the national player as he feeds the homeless around Easter time every year.

Lawes, who represented Dupont in numerous sports, including football, cricket, basketball, rugby, and table tennis, won many trophies with the institution. He said thathe believes the school gave him the foundation to become the player he is today, and because of that he has always wanted to give something back to the institution to show his gratitude.

"It's a great feeling to give something back. I have come here since a tender age, from infant to sixth grade, and this is where it all started for me, so this is my way of giving back to my school," he said.

He praised the school's coach, Ricky McIntosh, for the positive impact he had on him and other student athletes and noted that McIntosh was one of his biggest motivations to come back and make a contribution.

"Ricky McIntosh taught me a lot of things and always told me that whenever I make it, I should remember the school, and that has always stayed with me, and this is my gratitude to the school, and I hope in the future I can donate even more," Lawes continued.

"I hope they can listen to the coach as he is like a father to us. He is really a good man, and I hope they just listen to him."

Meanwhile, McIntosh, who accepted the gear on behalf of the school, said that equipment is always hard to come by and that Lawes' gesture was an example that other past students should follow.

"Dupont Primary School, in terms of resources for the kids, always depends on past students to assist with gear and such, so any donation from any past student is really appreciated, and what Shawn has done will go a far way. We have a competition starting this month, and although the sponsors donate gear, we will have an extra set of gear in case we have a colour clash that we can rally on," he said.

"Shawn spent six, seven years here, went to high school, represent the country, and is a permanent fixture for Waterhouse, and he has come back to give back to the school, and the kids really appreciate it. It's a good example to follow; I wish more past students would come and chip in. I wish other past students would give back to the school."

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