Tarania was college bound – Menzies

November 15, 2019
Tarania Clarke
Tarania Clarke

Hue Menzies, Reggae Girlz coach, said he was devastated when he learnt of the passing of young Jamaican female footballer, Tarania Clarke, who was stabbed and killed in Half-Way-Tree a couple of weeks ago.

Menzies described the players as humble and a leader among her peers, and he believes she would have become a key player for the Reggae Girlz in the not-too-distant future.

However, he insists the incidents and circumstances like Clarke's motivates him to continue to try and improve the lives of our young local female players.

"It really has hurt my heart because I spoke to her the day before. We had her all set up to get her to college in January. Just sixty more days to go and she would have been out of there. So it makes me very sad because she got talent," he said.

"She just needed to be in the right environment to blossom a bit more, so it's very unfortunate what happened and I really feel it for her family."

He continued: "But these are the things that really draw me back into things (football programme). She came from where I grew up, in Mountain View, and she was on her way to get out so it's very unfortunate and very heart breaking."

Learn their lesson

Menzies, who has vowed that he will be attending the funeral, is hoping young female footballers take stock and learn their lesson from Clarke's demise.

"She was very humble, she was a leader among her peers and she was one of the top talent coming out. So we expected her to develop her adulthood, her independence and as a player. We were looking to her to be one of our key players moving forward but these things happen and we have to learn from it. So I hope the young girls realise and try to take advantage of their situation as soon as possible," he said.

"Plum Plum was a very respectful kid, she was working hard to turn the corner because she always struggled with her fitness. But she got more mature and started to realise that she needed to get it done and she was getting it sorted."

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