No problem here – Hinds - WIPA president denies money issues after staff vacate Sabina Park office

November 27, 2019
WIPA President Wavell Hinds

President of the West Indies Players Association (WIPA), Wavell Hinds, denied that monetary constraints have caused the association to vacate their Sabina Park headquarters.

Hinds explained that the decision they took last week for employees to work from home was based on the projects they have to do, but that the staff should return to the office once their projects are completed.

But, according to a reliable STAR Sports source, this is not the first time WIPA is doing this, as it was also done last year. However, he revealed that it was part of a larger cost-cutting scheme that the group is managing.

“People are working from home, given the projects that they are doing,” Hinds said. “So that is totally incorrect (that office is closed). From time to time, people work from home. Since the office has been opened from 2014 until now, persons work from home at different times, given projects we have doing. The office is not closed. People are working from home, as it is the policy of the company that time from time people work from home.”

The former West Indies opener said it is something the players union has done in the past and will continue to do, but reiterates that it wasn’t financial constraints that forced them to make the move.

“I don’t know anything about any monetary situation. We had a management meeting and a staff meeting and that decision was taken from last week. According to the projects they have to do, they have to work from home. When the project is complete, they can go back to the office and do what they have to do. But it was an internal management decision and management have the right to do that, being that they are running the company. But it will happen year after year, once the company continues along that road,” he said.

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