Reynolds still at the helm at Vere

December 18, 2019

Vassell Reynolds, who was recently appointed coach of Vere United, has missing from the sidelines for the last two matches, prompting many football observers to conclude that the DaCosta Cup winning coach was fired from the job.

However, Reynolds declared that he was not fired but that he has taken time off to rejuvenate himself after a long schoolboy football season and to assess his season with Manchester high and try to make improvements to that programme for next year.

However, he insists he is still a part of the Vere United set-up and will look to return at some time in the near future. "After the change of coaches in the schoolboy season I was asked to do some restructuring and was asked to put a group of coaches together and that has happened over the past few weeks," he said.


"The expectations was that things would have picked up with certain coaches involve but it just hasn't happened yet. So it just about going back to the drawing board. But personally I have some work commitment that I have to take care of, so my time is limited where Premier League football is concern. I am taking some time to re-evaluate the season at Manchester high and put measures in place to continue that project in the coming year. But hopefully before the end of the season I can lend them a hand where the program is concern," he continued.

"So it was not a case of fired, there wasn't any official position in terms of making the public know. But I was called to put a cadre of coaches together and that's what I have doing for the past couple of weeks. The personnel you see there (now) are apart of the whole restructuring and we hope things can get better. But personally I am just taking a break and some time off to rejuvenate myself, and hopefully I can offer some assistance in the near future."

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