Girlz to cash in

June 09, 2023
Reggae Girlz
Reggae Girlz

Jamaica Football Federation's General Secretary Dennis Chung has welcomed FIFA's new financial model for the Women's World Cup, calling it a step in the right direction, regarding closing the pay gap for women footballers, especially for national senior women's teams.

FIFA announced the new payment model for the tournament yesterday, which guarantees a financial contribution specifically to players and to the federations to support football development in their respective countries.

The financial allocation per player ranges from a minimum of US$30,000 ($J4,647,429) for competing in the group stage to a maximum of US$270,000 (J$41,826,861) for winning the tournament.

Chung said that the new model represents a game changer for women's football, especially for the national senior Reggae Girlz, who will play in the Women's World Cup, which starts on July 20 in Australia and New Zealand. The Girlz also qualified for the previous edition in France.

"It's is a significant game-changer. It is something that is very welcomed. The fact that they are going to be women equally is a step I think in the right direction. The compensation for the players now, I don't think we could have asked for more," Chung told STAR Sports.

Chung further stated that it is a package that the Reggae Girlz earned, having qualified for the Women's World Cup finals in two consecutive cycles.

"The women are deserving of it, certainly our players, for what they have done, completing a really historical achievement to get to their second World Cup. So I am happy for it," Chung said.

Each participating member association of the tournament will also receive an allocation earmarked for football development in their countries, with the minimum being US$1,560,000 (J$241,666,308) for finishing at the group stage.

Chung said that the Reggae Girlz are expected to arrive on the island to start their World Cup camp as head coach Lorne Donaldson begins the final assessment in determining the 23-player squad for the World Cup.

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