I want 19 kids when I'm 30


December 16, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I want you to pray for me. Ask God to remove what is holding me back in life and what is stopping me from keeping a girlfriend. The way I see it, men who talk to other women about their personal problems do not love their women.

I know a couple. The man was taking the relationship problems on the road. Because of this, he is sleeping in his car. His woman put him out. I am 19 and have seven children, believe it or not. I believe children should be born. I want to have 19 children by the time I am 30 or 40. I will get a great retirement and a great funeral.


Dear R.J.,

If I understand your comments correctly, you believe that by having many children your pension would be guaranteed when you get old.

Evidently, you believe, like so many, that children are your retirement. If you are speaking the truth that you are 19, have fathered seven children, and would like to get many more by the time you are 40, you are very irresponsible and not exercising much wisdom at all.

In fact, you are talking like a fool. In this economy, you are will not be able to support so many children.

How can you ask for prayer and talking such nonsense? You said you want prayer because you want God to remove from you something that is holding you back in life.

I suppose you believe that there is a curse on you. You want God to mae any woman you're with to stay with you.

Intelligent women wouldn't want to stay with you because you have no character. Why should women allow you to 'breed' them like guinea pigs? Get real, young man! Change the direction in which you are heading.


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