My uneducated man is a great lover


December 23, 2015

Dear Pastor,

My boyfriend and I have a visiting relationship. I was married, but now separated. I have two children.

I am 10 years older than my boyfriend. I am in a good job. He is working, but mostly hustling. He goes around and cut lawns. He has two other young men working with him.

Some of my friends ask me how I could have him as my man he doesn't have any education. I am not interested in an educated man. All the men I have had before had education but did not treat me like a lady.

This is the dumbest of all the men who have come my way, but I feel I am a lady when I am with him. He calls me queen.

The last man in my life had a masters and was working on his doctorate. all he could talk about was his education. He even told me I could not walk in his shoes when he gets his doctorate. He was a poor lover. His penis was short. It never reached me and he drove me into the arms of other men.

This man satisfies me. I could not ask for more. When my mother met him, she asked me where I was going with him. I told her I was just as unfortunate as she was with men, so I have stepped down. Pastor, I am happy with this man. Would you marry us? We would like to get married on Valentine Day 2016.


Dear K.S.,

Your friends and relatives should leave you alone. You have met the man you love. Your friends don't understand, but you know what you are getting out of the relationship. You see this man and yourself as compatible. Others might not see that.

I will be happy to officiate at your wedding whenever you are ready. I wish both of you well.


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